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And the light was ... light, diffuse, like an aside scene.

Its fascinating Corian® curves enclose a frosted glass globe. Make it your refuge!


Collection 2019 - design Antoine Rouzeau

Corian table lamp,

frosted glass globe.

Dimensions :
Net weight : 
Materials : 

Cable :


Bulb :

Conditioning :  

51 cm x 31 cm x 12 cm
2,7 kg
Corian® lamp, beech veneer plywood cap.

Dark Green, Dark Red or Dark Gray Textile Cable

G9 bulb and glass globe included, Max 57W E27 (class A +)

Supplied in reinforced cardboard box.

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Antoine Rouzeau

Design Alcôve


Antoine Rouzeau holds a degree in architecture (HMONP) in Paris. 

He has worked in various agencies, including Ateliers Jean Nouvel and now works as an architect at the Musée d'Orsay.

For several years, he has invested his time in parallel to imagine and develop everyday objects. The goal is to draw "obvious" products, where every detail is important.

Antoine Rouzeau Retouche.jpg
048A3526 NEW PP.jpg

Texture Games

Alcove plays with the material, between the matte appearance of its Corian® wrap and the warm, diffuse light of its frosted globe. Its beech wood cap contrasts with its fabric cable (green, red, or gray).


Comfort zone


Perfect in an office or on a bedside table, Alcove is thought of as a bubble in everyday life. Its structure stages the space to soothe the atmosphere of a room with a soft light.

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