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Designed as a visual palindrome: its Corian® edges meet from left to right with the same aesthetic. Looking through it, perspectives open to highlight the unseen.

Collection 2019 - design Anaëlle Rubio

Clear mirror

Dimensions :
Net weight :

Materials : 

Conditioning :

50 cm x 50 cm x 6 cm
5,5 kg

Corian® surround, clear mirror, varnished beech plywood back

Supplied in reinforced cardboard box.

Anaëlle Rubio

Design Noon

Emerging designer, Anaëlle is a student in DSAA product design at La Martinière Diderot in Lyon.

She conceives her objects as support for (re)actions. Through them, she infuses and shapes the notions of curiosity and astonishment inherent in this awakening tool that is design.

Mon beau miroir

Available in three colors: an iconic white, a stellar cosmos black and a marbled brown. Noon will marry the space of a room with its mineral and singular appearance to sublimate it.

Space of reflection

Perfect in a bathroom or an entrance, extending the space, Noon reverses our customary and distant relationship to this object of reflection. True mark of distinction, he will be noticed!